Objectives of the meeting

IABS is a non-for-profit organisation working for many years on dialogue between regulators, academia and industry on scientific topics. Its European affiliate IABS-EU is a partner in the IMI project ZAPI where the discussion is on the table on how the development of platform technologies for vaccines can improve preparedness for emerging diseases.

The idea of the symposium is to discuss with the regulators the potential benefit of creating a specific registration procedure for Vaccine platform technology.

CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations) is non-for-profit organisation that is working in the field of  development of neglected and emerging diseases and would like to help the discussion to shorten the development time for vaccines against these diseases with particular emphasis on platform technologies. Several vaccine projects sponsored by CEPI face obvious difficulties in the conduct of clinical trials. However, pushing vaccine development as far as possible to be ready timely in outbreak situations also supposes consideration and support from authorities, keeping safety of the at exposed population as a priority

Scientific Committee

  • Dr. Barney Graham NIH, Deputy Director and Chief, Viral Pathogenesis Laboratory
  • Dr. Mélanie Saville Director, Vaccine Development, CEPI Prof.
  • Dr. Johan Neyts Rega Institute Louvain, Belgium, specialist of DNA vaccine PLLAV
  • Dr. Marion Gruber FDA, Director, Office of Vaccine Research and Review – CBER
  • Dr. Ivo Claassen EMA, Head of Veterinary Medicines Division
  • Dr. Marco Cavaleri EMA, Head of Anti-infectives and Vaccines
  • Prof Dr. Jeffery Almond Oxford University; Chairman of the Board, Osivax
  • Dr. Jean-Christophe Audonnet Senior Director, R&D International Governance
    | Coordinator ZAPI-IMI Project, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health
    | ZAPI coordinator
  • Dr. Emmanuel Hanon Senior Vice President, Head of R&D, GSK Vaccines
  • Dr Ajoy Chakrabarti BMGF Vaccine Development
  • Dr Steve Black The Brighton Collaboration, Task Force for Global Health